Divorce Mediation Online

One of my other websites: relating to Ohio talks about online mediation for divorce:


“End your marriage on your terms.  ​Mediate online.

Save money.  Save time.   Stay home.
​As little as $550

You cannot get a dissolution without resolving property,  support and parenting issues.  The most effective way to settle these issues is through mediation with a neutral mediator.  If you  mediate online you can get all the benefits of mediation at a reduced cost and enjoy a more convenient schedule.  You will not have to travel to an office, miss work, hire a baby-sitter, or sit in the same room with your spouse (unless you want to). Nights and weekends are possible.

Mediation sessions are held online or by telephone conference. Sessions can be held in the evening, or on weekends.


With the help of your Attorney Mediator (a real person not a computer) you and your spouse can reach agreement on a Separation Agreement and if necessary a Parenting Plan 

 and get  the documents necessary for a Dissolution or Uncontested Divorce.  We use the most modern software tools for “what if analysis” to address and resolve the most complicated divorce issues in less time.    

With our help you will make your own important decisions and arrive at a Separation Agreement that resolves:


Property Division
Spousal and Child Support
A Parenting Plan

Retirement Distributions
Debt Repayment
Tax Considerations (under the 2017 new tax act).

Our goal is for you to reach a reasonable and fair resolution with your spouse that is much more cost effective than litigation, and which meets your needs, and that of your family.  You can quit any time if you think you are not making progress.  

​When you are done you will have the required information completed to file on your own or hire a limited scope attorney to review and file for you.”

Using online mediation to resolve divorce issues works.

If you want to know if it will work in your state give me a call: 650.625.7300


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